Why Wathen Castanos?

Buying a home is a huge decision. At Wathen Castanos Homes, we’re committed to walking you through every step of the process.

Considering a New Wathen Castanos home? Here’s a quick look at the benefits of purchasing a newly constructed home vs. an older one.

If you are working with a Real Estate Agent, they must accompany and register you on your first visit.
Limited Options
Build Your Dream Home
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You may have to compromise what you want for what is available. Consider the costs associated with updating an old home to your liking – paint color, flooring, counter tops, etc.

Select your floorplan and choose from our standard* colors, elevations and interior finish options at no additional cost to personalize your Wathen Castanos Home.
*Premium upgrades are available

Trusted Lenders

Contact one of our Trusted Lenders with any questions regarding financing or to get started on purchasing your Wathen Castanos Home!


Maria Valladares
NMLS ID#: 320623

Office: 559.490.7454
Cell: 559.308.1721
Fax: 559.490.7323
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Trusted Lender for – Tule Heights at The Windmills, Oak Run

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Terry Lancaster
NMLS ID#: 289279

Office: 559.490.0217
Cell: 559.943.0177
Fax: 559.490.7496
Email Terry

Trusted Lender for – Westerra

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Kathy Tuck
NMLS ID#: 259755

Office: 559.490.4335
Cell: 559.284.4020
Fax: 559.490.4688
Email Kathy

Trusted Lender for – Tila at Temperance, Artisan PlaceWesterra, The Reserve

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Bill Mott
NMLS ID#: 341086

Office: 805.250.2405
Cell: 805.234.5081 
Fax: 805.421.5397
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Trusted Lender for – Trillium On Grand, Layia, Villosa

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