The Reserve

There’s a place in Clovis that reaches toward the California foothills, saved for a neighborhood with unique qualities not found among the ordinary. The perfect blend of seasoned home designs nestled in just the right space – enough to stretch a bit yet within easy reach of life’s necessities.

Since their release, nearly 12 years ago, Buchanan Estates has remained an iconic home community in the Central Valley. The beautiful collection of estates at The Reserve will feature designs reminiscent of the Buchanan Estates. With elegant additions that are the result of refinements over time; The Reserve will be a new expression of an old favorite.


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At The Reserve

Homes will be built exclusively on estate-sized lots, creating an uncommonly spacious neighborhood environment. As a winemaker will set aside an exceptional wine for just the right time, we have reserved our very best for this most appropriate setting and at just the right moment.